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The Projects

Each project is a unique, place-based, and interdisciplinary learning experience that allows for students to positively impact people and the planet. 


Project Ocean Harvest

3D Ocean farming is a restorative agricultural practice yielding edible seaweed and shellfish that combats climate change while rebuilding productive marine ecosystems. 

Project Student Voice 

This project allows students to identify, research, and debate issues that resonate with them, while allowing for the digital creation and sharing of stories with their peers. We do this by building a Network Online Publication, a website populated by stories created by students.

Project Zero Waste

Through community composting, this project aims to address the serious issue of food waste management. With over 40% of all food in the United States ending up in landfills, diverting food scraps to composting sites can avoid harmful greenhouse gas emissions, create soil, and support local food systems. 

Project i Tree

From seed to sprout to sapling, growing ecosystem-specific trees is a critical component in helping to restore native habitats. By growing, caring for, and planting trees, students establish a direct connection to nature and their powerful role in it.

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