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What People Say About Our Work

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Seth Fleischauer

Founder and President, Banyan Global Learning

Dr. Trevor Soponis exists to make teachers better at what they do. His learner-centered approach is built upon the essential principle that lasting change must come from within. He facilitates this growth with a rigorous curiosity that helps illuminate the path any given teacher must take to become the agent of their own improvement. He does not pretend to be an expert in how to approach any given classroom situation, but he is an expert in empowering teachers to create their own solutions. In this way his approach is universally effective regardless of the specific classroom and school culture within which any given teacher operates. In a professional development landscape where teachers struggle to see the relevance of any given workshop or lecture, Dr. Soponis's approach makes your practice the center of the story.


Allison Johnson

Teacher, Tsai Hsing School, Taiwan

I have had the privilege of working with Trevor over the last two years and he has been an incredible resource in my continuing professional development. Trevor’s instruction, guidance, and insight into student-centered teaching practices (among many other things!) has empowered me to take the creative risks necessary to understand what best serves my students. I truly look forward to every session with Trevor, as his expertise provides me with fresh perspectives and ideas I can immediately apply to my classroom and pedagogy. Thank you for all you do, Trevor! 


Ryan Cristal

Founder and CEO, Bullseye Education

Dr. Soponis is completely awesome and has helped our company in countless ways! In addition to acting as a thought partner and mentor to me, Trevor has helped to create high-quality training for our customers and has provided invaluable coaching and guidance to our team and the larger Bullseye community. Trevor is an expert at merging theory and practice, keeping things simple, and passionately communicating ideas with clarity. If you like Simon Sinek and care about the environment, then you are going to love working with Trevor!

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