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Image by Scott Webb

The Model

Collaboration. Connection. Contribution.

THE MODEL: Services


Learning From Each Other 

We abandon the old model where individual students memorize discrete, disconnected pieces of knowledge. Instead, our classrooms are designed as collaborative ventures where students and teachers work together across disciplines to understand and integrate their learning of the local and global environmental challenges we face.

Image by John Schnobrich


Learning Across Time and Space

We abandon the old model where individual students work for individual teachers on individual learning outcomes. Instead, our classrooms have students and teachers and experts connected across the country and the world as they collaborate to create and share their learning and impact on the planet.

Image by Markus Spiske


Learning That Makes a Difference

We abandon the old model where learning is disconnected from solving the challenges of our lives. In our classrooms, the learning process is interlaced with the effort to measure and track the impact of the projects at a local and global level. Students will know how many trees they planted, how much food they composted, and how much carbon they sequestered, and ultimately what they did to save our collective future.

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