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We believe students can change the world.
Right now.

Let's give them the opportunity.

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What We Do

We partner with teachers, schools, and districts to design innovative project-based learning experiences that allow students to make a meaningful impact on people and the planet.

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The Projects

Each project is a unique, place-based collaboration that prioritizes student voice, choice, and engagement to support positive change in the world. 

Project Ocean Harvest

Ocean farming for seaweed, shellfish, and sustainability.

Image by Ben Stern
Image by Matt Botsford

Project Student Voice

Collaborative online storytelling in classrooms across the world. 

Project Zero Waste

Community composting to reduce waste, create soil, and support local food systems. 

Domestic Waste Bin
Plants in Boxes

Project i Tree

Tree planting to restore ecosystems and their native inhabitants. 

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The Model

Collaboration. Connection. Contribution. 

We imagine education as an experience where all students are engaged in purposeful learning opportunities, shaped by their communities, so they can learn how to impact themselves and the world around them. 

Therefore our mission is to engage all learners with critically important environmental education experiences so that they learn how to meaningfully contribute to people and the planet.

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Contact Us

Do you have a question or just want to learn more via email? Just drop us a line and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

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